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Ex p Controllers

Ex p Controller
Ex p Steuergeräte

Taking into account the latest IEC / EN standards, the Ex pz controller Type Leo2 A42-M2 is designed for use in hazardous areas of zone 2, and 22.

Along with the Ex p control cabinet it creates a functional unit, which offers maximum safety.

The controller Leo 2  is also suitable for the use of customer-specific control cabinets.

The Leo controller type A42-M2 is an independent device and is equipped with all pressure sensors, relays, and time registration components required for the ignition protection type “pressurized enclosure” according to EIN EN 60079-2.

In combination with at least one pressure switch type A42-P1 and at least one purge valve type A42-M6 or type A42-M7 the Leo controller type A42-M2 controls and monitors the purge gas volume during the pre-purge period and the internal pressure of the Ex px control cabinet during operation through time-controlled conversion of the pneumatic signals of the pressure switch to electrical signals and control of the output relays K1 to K3 and A1 for connection of purge valves and the non-explosion-proof electrical built-in devices.

Intrinsic safe signal circuits for temperature switch, bypass key switch or external reset switch can be connected to the Ex i terminals provided for that purpose.

Operation Manual

last revision: 14.01.2016
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