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Local Control Panels

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Local Control panels
Ex Steuerkasten

The EXEPD Local Control Panels could be build on the base of a polyester, aluminium, stainless steel or painted sheet steel enclosure.

According to the existing environmental conditions and design requests we could realize a maximum on safety on a fair base of price.

Being certified according to the latest standards EN 60079- and 61241- the local control panels can be used in hazardous area zone 1 and zone 21.

The local control panels will be equipped with certified signal and control units and also, if required, with a flame proofe enclosure c/w industrial control units.

The design of the panel will be done according to your diagramms in cooperation with our speziallists.

While having skilled engineers and an internal process, that is made for customized special solutions, we can guarantee short delivery times on a fair price base for local control panels.

For machine control
For process regulation

To evaluate and control signals
For starting of motors
or recording of signal
To view the process and / or machine status

General Describtion


Data Sheets:

Polyester Local Control Panels
Type A21-E1-02609
Type A21-E1-03609
Type A21-E1-04012

Ex Two-hand Control Box
Type A21-E1-02609

Aluminium Local Control Panels
Type A21-E2-02609
Type A21-E2-03609
Type A21-E2-04011  

Stainless Steel Combination Panels

Stainless Steel Build-in Panels

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