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Investment in the future

At the end of April we put our new casting machine from bdtronic into operation. With this machine we can now dose even more precisely in the mg range, in the correct mixing ratio, under vacuum. This investment is forward-looking, especially for our new stainless steel command devices and other development projects.

“With this machine, we significantly increase the process reliability when casting our explosion-proof devices,” says Carsten Heitzmann, Managing Director of Exepd GmbH and responsible for quality management.

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Donate to the food bank

Donation check for the Lauda-Königshofen food bank | Exepd GmbH

Handover of a donation check for the Lauda-Königshofen food bank - Exepd managing director Stefan Höger presents 1,000 euros.

The managing director of Exepd GmbH, Stefan Höger, presented a donation of 1,000 EURO to the „Diakonisches Werk“ in the Main-Tauber district on Wednesday, March 13, 2024. The sum is earmarked as a donation to the Lauda-Königshofen food bank.

Maria Fleckenstein (food bank shop manager) and Diakonie managing director Aleit-Inken Fladausch-Rödel accepted the check on behalf of the food bank team.

Both thanked the specialist security technology company based in i_Park Tauberfranken, which had once again made a donation to the local food bank. “We are happy to make a contribution for people who are not necessarily on the sunny side,” emphasized Höger. “I often see people waiting in line in front of the store for it to open. With this check, we as Exepd would like to make a contribution so that more people can go shopping for groceries in your Tafelshop - we are really happy to do this!”

Diakonie managing director Fladausch-Rödel was visibly pleased: “We thank you very much – we can really use the money and will use it where the need is greatest.”

We would be pleased if our contribution could inspire you to support the food bank or other places in need of help with a donation.

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